Why Sell Your Boat with Offshore Yacht Sales in New England

Your boat demands the best representation available that only Offshore can provide EXPOSURE, you will be assured your boat will have the most market exposure. Offshore Yacht Sales is a conveniently located boat and yacht broker in Chestshire, CT that serves New England and surronding areas of New Jersey, New York, Massachusetts & Rhode Island. 

We will give your listing maximum exposure. As part of the world's largest multiple listing system (MLS) your boat will be exposed to over 2,500 brokerage firms around the world. Extensive internet presence assures full coverage. Offshore Yacht Sales will also be displaying at the major Northeast boat shows.

Extensive knowledge and experience in the market place can guide you of the best pricing strategies

A lifetime of experience in our brokerage team will guarantee we are familiar with your boat's manufacturer, year and model, allowing us to know and promote its strong points to potential buyers. Offshore can provide the most up-to-date sales information for your specific boat. Data show the listing price, date listed, selling price and date sold. This Soldboats data base is from data reported of boats sold through the MLS. These experiences will make the entire process smooth and enjoyable for all.

National and international coverage

In today's global economy we have sold and sent boats around the world; Italy, France, Norway, Egypt, Lebanon, Australia, all four corners of the world. But our largest market is here in the Northeast and the Atlantic coast from Maine to Florida.

Local hands on knowledge of your boat

The personal touch starts here. We will come to your boat and photograph it for our web listing. Knowing how to stage and present your boat is all important. At that time we will collect the unique data on your boat that set your boat apart from others of the same make, year and model on the market.

Boat Show Participation

At the present time we participate and display at the four major Northeast boat shows. The winter season will find us at the Providence and the Hartford boat shows. A great area to expose your boat to potential buyers. In the fall we will be exhibiting at the Newport Boat Show and the Norwalk Boat Show. The list will be growing as suitable venues arise. Exposure is key to a successful sale.

Guidance to make your boat most appealing

Every boat needs a little attention to detail that often the owners may not even notice. Our walk through will point out some areas of note and make recommendations as to the most effective way to stage your boat for showing.

Outstanding photo representation

Much of our retail career has been in the photo industry and that has given us the background and skill to provide the best photo presentation of your boat. A quick look at our listings and you will agree.

Skill in negotiating the best deal for you

We have been on both sides of the deal hundreds of times and as such we know what it takes to make the deal happen.

In depth knowledge of the survey process to assure the most fair and accurate results

Buying or selling a marine survey is always recommended. The purpose of the survey is to provide a "snap shot in time" of the condition of the boat and all its systems. The results of these surveys can often times be confusing and in need of review and interpretation. Inaccurate interpretation can often lead to failed deals or decrease in value. The knowledgeable experienced broker is invaluable to filter this information.

Financing of your vessel

Over the years we have developed a network of knowledgeable marine lenders. These lenders know the industry and can aid buyers in their financing needs. Your sale will proceed only upon knowledge that the buyer is financially qualified and approved. No disappointments at closing.

Seller peace of mind and protection

Our role in marketing your boat is to assure you peace of mind from the taking of listing to the final closing of the sale. Confidence is assured from boat title to funds security.

POMG...Peace of mind, guaranteed.